Ministry says no covid vaccine is ruled out – News


The executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Élcio Franco, said on Thursday (15) that the federal government is monitoring vaccines in test against covid-19 and “does not rule out any possibility”. This week, there was discomfort between the folder and the São Paulo government, which was upset by the lack of federal indication that it would provide financial support to the immunizer produced by a Chinese laboratory in partnership with the Butantã Institute, Coronavac.

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“We emphasize that within the effort of the Unified Health System (SUS) we are adhering to any vaccine development initiative that offers us safety, efficacy in immunogenicity, that is ready in a shorter period, has production in scale and quantity to immunize the population. and be included in the National Immunization Program, in addition to having an affordable price. We do not rule out any possibility. We are focusing mainly on those that are in the third phase of the tests “, he said.

He also stressed that the Coronavac vaccine is on that list. “The Butantã vaccine, for sure, is in that list. At no time was anything different than that”, he said, adding that Butantã is a “great partner” in the production of vaccines and “will continue to be even for this initiative, since that the requirements are met “.

The folder declaration comes after the government of São Paulo charged the Bolsonaro government to have more money to expand access to the Coronavac vaccine. In a press conference on Thursday, the state governor, João Doria (PSDB), said he expected a “republican decision” from the federal government, and said he would not admit any electoral or ideological politicization about the approval of the immunizer.

Folder foresees 140 million vaccine in the first half of 2021

Élcio Franco also highlighted the government’s forecast of having 100 million doses in the first half of 2021, starting with 15 million in January, the AstraZeneca / Oxford University vaccine and the possibility of accessing an additional 40 million doses of vaccines coming from global initiative Covax Facility, of the World Health Organization (WHO). Together, the two acquisitions are expected to result in 140 million doses in the first half of next year.

“And we have other initiatives, such as the Butantã Institute, other partnerships with other entities, such as TecPar, from Paraná (which made an agreement with Russia to have access to immunizers), and others that are looking for partnerships to bring the vaccine, for bring the technology to enable Brazilian autonomy in vaccine production. This leads us to infer that we will have several vaccines during the national vaccination campaign against covid, simultaneously, or as they arrive, “said Franco.


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