Mirella and Juliano plan to send Raissa to the farm


MC Mirella and Juliano Ceglia consider that living with Raissa is very bad in “A Fazenda 12” and talked, this morning, about the possibility of sending her to the fields.

In conversation in the kitchen, Mirella said that she would like to gain a power of proof to send the disaffection to the hot seat. Juliano agreed that the vice miss-bumbum must go to the field “somehow”.

“I wanted to see her freak out again to see who will side with her,” says Mirella. “I may be mistaken, but I think she is with Lucas out of interest, because he is good at the game,” said Juliano. “I don’t expect anything from that one, just disappointment,” replied Mirella.

Reflecting on the game, Mirella said: “We have to protect ourselves from others because, thus, they will kill themselves among them”.

Juliano projected the moment when Jojo’s group had to vote between them, when the possibilities diminished.

“So, I want to see that speech [da Jojo] from yesterday working, ‘this is just a game, let’s vote. It’s not personal. ‘ Then I want to see “, he said.

Mirella agreed with the ally. “Imagine that it is not personal. He was aiming at Biel the highest quota and now he does not want to aim anymore. Now it is Mirellinha. It is coming,” he said.


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