Mirella compares herself to Biel and says she would return from the fields


Tonight in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), the inseparable quartet formed by Biel, Juliano Ceglia, Mirella and Victória Villarim were talking about the formation of the farm of tomorrow. The pedestrians are hoping that none of them will be eliminated this week.

“I’m so used to seeing this happen from the beginning,” said Biel, referring to seeing friends leave the program. “No, boy,” says Vic. “No, after so much evil they did … for the love of God”, completed Mirella. The funkeira also said that she believes that the public is on their side and that they would be saved in a possible new farm: “It will be like Biel. Didn’t Biel come back several times from the farm? They will do the same to me”


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