Mirella cries when cutting onions in the kitchen, and Jojo jokes about Dynho


Mirella decided to help Jojo Todynho in the preparation of the pawns lunch in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV). The two funkeiras stayed in the kitchen for most of the morning, and an unusual scene caught the eye.

While Jojo dealt with the garlic, Mirella was responsible for cutting the onions. And just like everyone else on this task, she “cried”. Mariano, who was in the kitchen, made a comment citing Dynho Alves, ex of the singer, who made Jojo burst out laughing.

“This Mariano is ridiculous,” she said. “Everyone has already memorized his name, right?” Asked Mirella, a little embarrassed. “He must be thinking … I’m saying all the time making fun of his name”, joked Jojo.

The owner of the hit “What Shot Was That?” he also took the opportunity to make fun of Mirella, who wiped her tears in front of the kitchen mirror. “You see? You haven’t forgotten,” said the singer. “That’s f * cking,” agreed her friend.

The two became friends throughout the confinement in the reality show, but in the first week of the show they were surprised. The proximity made Jojo give advice to Mirella, as it did last week, when she called her friend to talk about a conversation she had with Stéfani Bays.

Yesterday I already talked to Stéfani and I wanted to talk to you. You can be sure that what we talk about here, dies here. Don’t buy a fight from anyone. You are being used, you don’t know, but you are being. When you leave, you will see what I am saying. People subtly release poison “.


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