Mirella’s team attacks Record with borderline video


At dawn today, the team responsible for the profile of MC Mirella, participant of “A Fazenda 2020”, published a video on Instagram with the intention of ‘providing clarification’ about the borderline syndrome. They also pinned RecordTV for not addressing the issue and warned that the singer is not aware of the disorder, but hours later the publication went off the air.

It is public knowledge that Mirella lived a friendship with Raissa Barbosa within the rural reality show. However, the model, who suffers from borderline, ended up moving away from the singer after a fight involving Stéfani Bays and Luiza Ambiel, and decided to put her in the field to leave the game. Since then, both have experienced a hateful relationship within confinement.

On social media, fans of “A Fazenda 12” have repeatedly criticized Mirella for ‘forgetting’ the peoa problem and confabulating situations that could lead to uncontrolled and, consequently, Raissa’s expulsion from the confinement that is worth the R prize. $ 1.5 million.

Faced with the attacks on Mirella, her team published a video with an expert talking about borderline, criticized RecordTV for not being concerned with providing clarifications and also warning the public – mainly to the artist’s followers – that the singer is not aware of the syndrome .

Clarification on Borderline. In the face of all recent events, we look forward to a statement from RecordTV and the Treasury giving further explanations. In his absence, we sought help from the psychiatrist Bernardo Rahe so he could clarify some points about BPD (Borderline). Like Mirella, many people do not know this condition and Record should be obliged to clarify for the participants and the public. This would have avoided a lot and with such a large audience reach would help many other people with correct information “.

Fazenda 2020: Mirella’s team published a video about borderline

Image: Playback / Playplus

The post stayed a few hours on the air and then disappeared without further explanation. The team responsible for the social networks of the singer has not commented so far on the exit of the content from the air.

The program’s followers reported on Twitter that they helped bring the video down through complaints on Instagram.


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