Missing woman (69) left the cabin yesterday


On Saturday night, the police launched a search in the area around Blefjell in Numedal, after a 69-year-old woman was reported missing. The search has continued throughout the day, and continues throughout the night.

Tonight, the police also go out with a picture of the missing woman.

– The family wants the media to share the picture, and for tips to come in, says operations manager in the South-East police, Tore Grindem.

He says that the picture of the woman was taken earlier in the day yesterday, and she was dressed the same way when she disappeared, as in the picture. The only difference was that she was wearing mountain shoes and not boots.

Left the cabin

The woman was wearing a green hiking jacket and trousers on Saturday. She is 160 centimeters tall with a normal physique and blonde, half-length hair, the police stated on Saturday.

She was last seen at Butjønnseter in Rollag municipality at 16.00 yesterday.

– She was at the cabin, and left it at about 16.00. She was going for a short walk, but did not return. Her husband was out looking for her, and around 6 pm he alerted the police, says the operations manager.

He continues:

– This is a physically healthy woman, who may have gone a long way.

According to Grindem, it was good and light weather, some wind, and around 5 degrees when the woman went for a walk yesterday.

Heat camera

Both police helicopters and Sea King helicopters have today contributed to the search, but are currently on the ground for a break.

Other contributors are Norwegian Rescue Dogs, who write on Twitter that they are participating in the search operation with one operational leader and eight dog crews.

– Around 60 volunteers also participate in the search, several with quad bikes. Listening posts have been set up, and we are trying to get the police helicopter back, so that it can search with a thermal camera, says the operations manager.

Want tips

On Sunday morning, the police asked cabin owners to check around their own cabins, outbuildings, sheds, garages and the like.

– The search will continue through the night and will continue tomorrow if we do not make any discoveries. The search area is expanded, at the same time as we go through the already searched area again, says operations manager Grindem.

Any tips and observations are requested on 02800.


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