Model 3 will be significantly cheaper


All versions of the Tesla Model 3 will be between 30 and 40,000 kroner cheaper from today. Tesla Norway has just updated its website with the new prices.

The entry-level model Model 3 Standard Range Plus will be NOK 31,000 cheaper. This corresponds to a price reduction of 7.8 per cent.

The range output, Long Range, will be 35,000 cheaper (7.8%), while you now get 40,000 kroner (8%) “off” on the Performance model.

Thus, the starting price for all models is again below NOK 500,000, before NOK 11,842 is added to shipping and delivery.

End of manual transmission

The new Model 3 prices


Old price

New price


Model 3 Standar Range Plus430 900,-399 900,--7,8%
Model 3 Long Range484 900,-449 900,--7,8%
Model 3 Performance539 900,-499 900,--8,0%

GETTING CHEAPER: Tesla currency corrects the prices of Model 3 down again, after they increased significantly in April earlier this year. The prices are stated without shipping and delivery (11,842, -). Source: Tesla Norway

Back adjustment

According to Dinside’s experience, there is now talk of a currency-based correction of prices, after they increased the price significantly earlier this year.

In April, Tesla raised the prices of all models – the most increased prices for the “cheap model” Model 3. Standard Range Plus increased by as much as 46,000 kroner, from 384,900 to 430,900 kroner – as much as 11 percent.

Thus, today’s recent price is still 15,000 kroner higher than six months ago.

Trond got a price shock - much more expensive than Tesla

Trond got a price shock – much more expensive than Tesla

Awaiting safe deliveries

Although the US currency has declined significantly since April, Tesla has waited until now to adjust prices due to uncertainty related to the corona closure of the factory in the US and the delivery of cars.

– We have chosen not to do this until we were sure that we were able to deliver to new customers, says communications manager Even Sandvold Roland in Tesla Norway.

AIR PRESSURE: If the low air pressure lamp in the tire is lit, it can be dangerous – Dinside learned this when we tested the Tesla Model 3 earlier this year. Clip: Ingebjørg Iversen. Video: Maria Bergrud Fossum
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– And that plug came loose in September?

– Yes, you can say that.

– Increased competition from electric cars, such as Polestar 2, has nothing to do with the price adjustment?

– No. It has not been part of the assessment. Model 3 is extremely competitive on its own. The car was best sold in 2019 and has won several awards, while still doing well in comparison tests against newer cars on the market, he says to Dinside.

TURNS OFF THE PRICE: Even Sandvold Roland, Head of Communications at Tesla Norway, confirms that they are now lowering the prices of the “Cheap Tesla” Model 3. Photo: Henrik Skolt / NTB
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Low interest rates

As part of today’s new prices, Tesla in collaboration with DNB is also launching a time-limited interest rate offer for those who are considering buying a new Model 3. The nominal interest rate – which can be index-adjusted – is no more than 0.25 per cent the three the first years.

According to Tesla Norway, this means that a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, without winter tires, can be repaid over ten years for NOK 3604 a month – without having provided equity.

This electric car is pure rubbish

This electric car is pure rubbish

– The Long Range edition, with towing hitch and winter tires, can be repaid over ten years for 4245 kroner with the 0.25 percent interest rate, says Sandvold Roland.

Customers who have ordered, but have not yet received Model 3, will automatically receive the new prices on their order. The 0.25 percent interest rate only applies when ordering a new Model 3.

PS2: Earlier this week, Tesla also lowered the price of the much more expensive Tesla Model S (approx. 30,000), while no changes to the SUV Model X have been announced so far.


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