Model Eloisa Fontes walks with backpack with documents and letters of reference from international photographers


RIO – The 26-year-old model Eloisa Pinto Fontes still had the hope of continuing her international career. Found disoriented within the Cantagalo community, in the South Zone of Rio, last Tuesday, the 6th, by agents of Operation Ipanema Present, the Alagoas woman always carried a backpack with documents, among them the original work card, and the main: letters of reference from international photographers.

The young woman, who already shone on the catwalks of major brands, such as Dolce & Gabbanna, left a backpack with all the important objects at the house of her ex-boyfriend, who lives in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone.

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– She always carries a backpack, which has her life there. I went to the boyfriend’s apartment to pick it up and bring it home. When I opened it, I saw that I had my original work card, a copy of my identity and passport. There are copies of international contracts with agencies in Germany, Romania, New York. He had letters of reference from famous photographers, all in English, Romanian and German – says Francisco Assis, a family friend and the only acquaintance of them in Rio.

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He was responsible for authorizing Eloisa’s admission to the Philippe Pinel Municipal Institute in Botafogo. According to the friend, the letters contain several praises for the work that the Alagoas woman was doing abroad.

– She did a lot of work in the United States and Europe. I read the letters, which were in English. They say that she worked with them and praise them, praising her ability. This shows that she still had that hope of getting new jobs. I always hope for that – he says.

Solid career

loisa was sought after by the family for a year. In 2019, the young woman had already been found wandering around New York after five days missing. The model arrived in Rio in January 2020, after an 11-month season of ups and downs in New York. Recently hired by the Marilyn Agency, the Alagoas had an outbreak in June 2019, when it disappeared for five days. She was found disoriented in a city 30 minutes from Manhattan. After that, the international career was shaken.

Born in a small town in the interior of Alagoas, Eloisa was married and has a daughter, Azzurra, 7 years old, with the 41-year-old Russian model and executive producer Andre Birleanu. The two met in 2012, in São Paulo, and got married in 2014. Andre has an older daughter from a previous relationship, with another Brazilian model. He was known for his participation in the American VH1 program “America’s most smartest model”.

In 2015, Eloisa, Azzura and Andre participated in Dolce & Gabbana’s winter campaign. The Brazilian model has also made covers for renowned magazines such as “Elle”, “Grazia” and “Glamor”.


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