Model invoices R $ 227,000 a month selling selfies and bath water to fans


American model Emily Knight, 21, receives about R $ 56,000 a week from selling unusual photos and videos to admirers on-line. Per month, she earns around R $ 227 thousand. Orders vary between selfies and spicy videos, photos of used underwear and the water used by her in the bath. There are even those who pay to see Emily burping or farting.

“I love to shock people. And I get crazy requests from fans all the time, ”the young woman, who lives in Los Angeles, United States, told the Daily Star newspaper.

Fan orders, mostly male, are made through the Nudiez adult-only subscription platform. Prices vary depending on what the product is about and where it will be shipped. Simple bath water costs almost R $ 510, but if she has done some intimacy in the water, such as masturbating or peeing, the price rises to R $ 844.


“It’s great to know that there are thousands of men around the world worshiping me. At the same time, it is a great driver of confidence ”, he concluded.


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