Model invoices R $ 56,000 a week selling water from her own bath


Photo: Playback / Instagram

An American model is making more than 50 thousand reais a week performing unusual fetishes of fans on the internet. Emily Knight, 21, is from Los Angeles (USA) and, according to international publications, the young woman sells everything to her followers, including underwear, photos of her feet, videos of burping and farting and even the remaining water of your last baths.

In an interview with the British website Daily Star, the girl said that the majority of requests are for sexy photos, but there have been cases in which she was surprised by the fans’ request. “The strangest request I made was probably to sleep on camera. Some guys just want to see me sleep, I think,” said the young woman.

According to a publication by the portal Uol, the model signed up for an exclusive subscription platform for adults, where she offers an award for followers who place more peculiar orders.

A pot of water from Emily’s bathtub costs R $ 502, but if the girl has done an intimate act during the bath, the amount increases to R $ 845.

The young woman, who used to work as a valet and employee at a beauty salon, admitted that she now earns much more than before and guaranteed that she does not bother to attend to fetishes or feel objectified by admirers.

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