Model invoices R $ 56,000 selling bath water on fetish website


American model Emily Knight, 21, is making about R $ 56,000 a week selling unusual items to meet the fans’ fetishes. Among the requests are: bath water, underwear and even videos of her belching.

“The strangest request I made was probably to sleep on camera. Some guys just want to see me sleep, I think, ”said Emily, according to the British website Daily Star.

Emily sells the items on the Nudiez adult subscription platform and bath water is sold for GBP 70 per pot, about R $ 502. The price goes up to R $ 845 if she performed an intimate act in the bathtub.

Photos of the feet cost about R $ 113 each and the belching videos are sold for R $ 225 or R $ 845, if she is without clothes.

“It is so good to know that there are thousands of men around the world worshiping me at any moment – it is a great confidence booster,” he says.

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