More than 1,200 children were vaccinated on D-day


In Boa Vista, the goal of the polio campaign is to immunize 95% of the target audience, currently estimated at over 24,000 children

The National Mobilization Day against Polio and Multivaccination that took place this Saturday, 17th, was of intense movement in the four basic health units of the municipality and in the other vaccination points. The Municipality of Boa Vista counted 1,289 doses applied on the D-day of the campaign.

The polio vaccine It’s for children aged between one year and less than five years (4 years, 11 months and 29 days). In Boa Vista, a total of 24,704 children need to be vaccinated and the Ministry of Health’s goal is to reach 95% of this public. Since October 5, 1,957 doses of the vaccine have been applied, reaching a coverage of 8.26%.

For D-Day, seven vaccination points were made available to reach the largest number of children: In the UBSs Olenka Macellaro (Caimbé), Mariano de Andrade (Caranã), Délio Tupinambá (New City) and Aygara Motta (Satellite City). And in the municipal schools Laucides Oliveira (Airton Rocha, Pérola); Palmira de Castro (Araceli) and Proinfância Vila Jardim.



The public servant, Patrícia Feitosa, took advantage of Saturday to update her children’s vaccinations. ?? It is very important to have this moment reserved for people to vaccinate children. We often do not have time, even children in social isolation are working normally. Having this campaign on posts on Saturdays is great ??, he said.

Recalling that, the two national campaigns continue until October 30 in all health units. The municipal coordinator of immunizations, Romildo Azevedo, stressed that it is mandatory for parents to guarantee the immunization of their children against polio.

?? Today is the day of national mobilization. There are two campaigns simultaneously. Just to differentiate, multivaccination is just updating the vaccine booklet for children from 0 to 14 years old, who will only take it if there is really a need. Unlike polio, where in the age group from 1 to 4 years old it is mandatory for the child to take a dose, because the campaign is indiscriminate ??, he explained.

The target group is children aged 0 to 14 years old (Photo: Disclosure)


There is no specific target for a multivaccination campaign. The idea is to provide access to vaccines, update the vaccination situation, increase vaccination coverage, in addition to reducing the incidence of immunopreventable diseases. The target group is children aged 0 to 14 years old. All vaccines in the basic vaccination calendar 2020 for children and adolescents are offered.


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