More than 15,000 Brazilians are victims of WhatsApp cloning daily


The Brazilian startup PSafe released a survey that reveals that more than 473 thousand Brazilians they’re gone WhatsApp cloning victims and, in the last month alone, more than 15 thousand people a day suffered with the blow. The number of people who fell into the scheme was 25% higher compared to the previous month (August), with emphasis on the state of Sao Paulo as the place with the most occurrences.

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The survey on the cybersecurity scenario in Brazil for September was carried out by the dfndr lab, a laboratory specializing in digital security at PSafe. Check the survey data in the infographic below:

The data show that São Paulo is the state most affected by the attacks, with 107 thousand victims. The second worst case scenario is in Rio de Janeiro, with 60 thousand, followed by Minas Gerais with 43 thousand. Recently, even the comedian Marcelo Adnet was a victim of the WhatsApp scam. He even reported the situation publicly on his Twitter account.

To apply the WhatsApp scam, the cybercriminal impersonates companies or official accounts to make the victim share personal information, download fake apps or open malicious links. “In the case of Cloning, the cybercriminal specifically asks for the personal data, cell phone number and confirmation code that gives the victim access to WhatsApp,” explains Emilio Simoni, director of the dfndr lab.

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With the confirmation code to use the application, the cybercriminal can access the victim’s WhatsApp and chat with your contacts using another cell phone. Usually, criminals approach contacts asking for some financial assistance, depositing into a third-party account, for example.

How to protect yourself?
The best way to protect yourself is to use two-step verification. To activate the feature in the application, it is necessary to go to the option Account > 2-step verification > ACTIVATE. Check the image below:

Step by step on how to enable WhatsApp 2-step authentication. (Image: Mateus Mognon / World Connected)


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