Mother arrested after confessing to strangling and killing her three daughters in Austria – World


Unsplash/Bill Oxford

Mother was in a hurry after confessing to killing her three daughters inside her apartment in Austria

A 31-year-old woman confessed on Saturday (17) that she had strangled and killed, inside her apartment, her three daughters, aged 8 months, 3 years and 9 years. The case occurred in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and the suspect was arrested.

The mother called emergency services in One
earlier this Saturday morning, stating that he would commit suicide and reporting the strangles. Police found the woman’s two youngest daughters killed on arrival.

According to a statement from the Austrian police, the oldest daughter, 9 years old, was hospitalized, but she did not resist and ended up dying, since not even the intensive care units were able to save her.

The alleged killer had minor injuries and has yet to explain the case. Investigators have been collecting evidence at the crime scene since this Saturday.

According to the local press, the first elements of the investigation show that the three girls were choked
, but autopsies have not yet determined the cause of death.


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