Mother gives birth to son while sleeping waiting for childbirth time


posted on 10/14/2020 20:07 / updated on 10/14/2020 20:09

(credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Teacher and mother Laura Thompson, 31, starred in what would be a “dream” for many women who fear the pain of childbirth. That’s because the professor’s third son, little Jonesy, was born while she slept in the hospital waiting for the delivery time, on October 9, in Texas, in the United States.

Laura, when reporting the event, said that the nurse only realized that the baby was born because the cardiac monitor that accompanied it “stopped working”.

“She woke me up, took off the blanket to move the peanut ball (a type of pilates ball) that I was using and screamed, ‘baby in bed!'” Yahoo Australia.

Labor induction

Laura also says that she had been completely rested since October 1st, after suffering a car accident and beginning to feel contractions. She was admitted to the maternity hospital on the 9th, so she could have induced labor.

At 6 am, the pregnant woman received drugs that stimulate contractions and, at around 12 pm, was anesthetized, but, according to her, labor would be “taking forever to progress”.

At night, around 9:00 pm, Laura informed the medical team that accompanied her that she would have lost sensation in her left leg. But as the pregnant woman was six centimeters dilated, doctors only suggested that she and her husband rest.

The couple fell asleep at around 10 pm, but 20 minutes later they were woken up by the nurse who was screaming “baby in bed!” When they saw it, the baby was lying under the mother’s numb leg.

“I really laughed when I saw him. I felt him moving for so long that I just knew he was strong and was fine. It was a surreal moment,” he recalls. The mother and baby are doing well.


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