Mother gives birth to third child while sleeping


Laura Thompson, 31, starred in the birth of her third child in an unusual way. On October 9, while she was sleeping, little Jonesy was born.

Jonesy was only “discovered” because the nurse realized that the baby’s cardiac monitor had stopped working. “She woke me up, took off the blanket to move the peanut ball (a type of pilates ball) I was using and yelled BABY IN BED!”, Laura told Yahoo Australia.

The American woman had been resting since the first day of October, when she suffered a car accident and started to have contractions. On the day of Jonesy’s birth, Laura had been hospitalized for an induction.

Laura told Yahoo Australia that she started induction at 6 am and received anesthesia at around 12 pm, but the labor “took forever to progress”. Also according to Laursa, at 9 pm she told the medical team that she had lost sensation in her left leg, but since she was six centimeters dilated, doctors only suggested that she and her husband rest.

The couple fell asleep and then was awakened by the screams of “baby in bed”. Jonesy was lying on his mother’s numb leg. “I really laughed when I saw him. I felt him moving for so long that I just knew he was strong and was fine. It was a surreal moment ”, concluded Laura.

Both are well after the “unusual delivery”.

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