Mother rapes 12-year-old son and tells him she can’t tell anyone because he accepted



Boy did not report the case until two years after the abuse.

A woman in Texas, USA, reportedly raped her 12-year-old son and forced the child to keep it a secret.

Brittany Rouleau was charged last Saturday with sexual abuse of minors after the young man finally – two years ago – told an adult what had happened to his mother in 2018.

The boy says that his mother started asking him questions about masturbation after he got out of the bath.

According to the son’s report, the mother was taking off his clothes while questioning him, having forced him to undress too before raping him in his bed.

Then the woman told him that she couldn’t tell anyone what had happened because he “accepted” the situation.

Only now, after two years, did the young man end up reporting the abuse, revealing the case to an adult, who then reported the situation to the authorities.

The mother initially denied the crime, but according to the local press, she ended up confessing to the abuse.


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