Mother stocks 400 cans of food and 700 diapers due to pandemic


An American single mother was labeled “selfish” after admitting that she stocked up on some supplies for her family to survive until January at home due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Emma Tarry, 26, told the television newspaper This Morning that she stocked 400 cans of food and 700 diapers for her two children.

According to Emma, ​​the reason for the accumulation of food and diapers is the fear that a second wave of covid-19 will cause a new blockage. She also said she did not think it was affecting the supermarket, as all of her purchases were made online.

Viewers disliked the woman’s arguments and responded on social media saying that stocking products can cause shortages for other people in need.

“My fridge with freezer is bigger than normal, so I can store more frozen food and stuff. I also started cooking. I have flour, so if I need bread I can make it at home,” he said in an interview with the program.

On Twitter the complaints were diverse. “Stupid, selfish and totally ridiculous. Stores should stop it”, “That’s why our local stores no longer have rolls of toilet paper now,” said some of the comments.

“Stock up, if done correctly and you don’t overdo it, fine,” concluded Emma.


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