MotoGP on alert with Covid-19


With the cases of Covid-19 growing at the MotoGP World Championship, MotoGP riders expressed their concerns. Álex Rins, Mavrick Viñales, Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli pointed out that even with all the care, the stress is still high with the possibility of infection.

This week, the queen class paddock was taken aback by the news that Valentino Rossi tested positive for the new coronavirus. Therefore, the Italian will miss the Aragon GP this weekend and should miss the race next week, which also happens at the MotorLand.

But the Yamaha rider was not the only one among the competitors to be short. Tony Arbolino, currently in Moto3, also had to put himself in isolation after traveling alongside a passenger who was positive for the disease. The results of his test have not yet been released.

“It is clear that there are cases all over the world, the second wave came sooner than expected. Both Arbolino and Rossi certainly did not accept it willingly [o isolamento], took precautions, but that’s how it is, ”said Rins.

Valentino was one of the riders to be positive for Covid-19 (Photo: Yamaha)

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“And thinking about Arbolino, now we have to drive to GPs. Looking at Rossi, I do not rethink my precautionary methods, I believe that I am fine and I will continue taking care of myself to the fullest. The worst is Arbolino, who just traveled with a sick person and cannot run here. You have to be very careful in all ways, ”he continued.

Who followed the Spaniard’s speech was Quartararo, who stressed that he was careful when he was at home in Nice, France. “Honestly, I’m a lot more stressed at home than at the races. Between races I don’t leave the house. I train in the morning, in the afternoon, I ride my bike in the mountains and that’s it ”, he pointed out.

“And yet I’m stressed out, as I don’t see anyone, but we know that we can take it anywhere. It is difficult and I think that only in Portimão will stress improve. Not so much for the championship, but since July I have not been comfortable with this situation ”, continued the 24-year-old.

Maverick said that “we certainly have to pay the utmost attention, whether at home or on the track. We have to take as few risks as possible and visit as few people as we can, especially when we go home. Covid-19 makes you miss two races, that’s a championship disaster. ”

Finally, Morbidelli, who is part of the Pilots Academy led by Rossi, explained that he had no contact with the multi-champion. “I didn’t see him after testing positive, only at Le Mans,” he said.

“It is a very sad situation, especially due to the level of respect that Vale has for the Covid-19 rules, so it means that anyone can take it and it really depends on the amount of attention you give, but also on luck. Respecting the rules is important and once you follow them, you are still not safe. It also depends on luck, ”he concluded.

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