Movement unites companies for breast cancer awareness – Virtz


During the October Pink campaign, Roche Farma Brasil, a pioneer company in the development of breast cancer treatments in the world, has just launched the Movement “Come Talk About Life”, which makes an invitation for self-care, mainly focused on cancer breast.

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The initiative aims to form a network that promotes awareness about the importance of early diagnosis and proper management of the disease, thus increasing the chances of cure and control.

The movement highlights the importance of women’s care, not only in October, but throughout the year.

To help the action, companies and institutions adhered to the idea. They become part of a digital content hub with quality information for free sharing on their internal and external networks, in addition to a calendar of initiatives connected to the movement and which are aligned with the purpose of caring for women in the face of breast cancer.

These and other initiatives will undergo a curatorial process and will be amplified through #VemFalardeVida on social networks and digital platforms, establishing an agenda relevant to the theme of women’s health.

“Vem Falar de Vida” comes as a network of purpose to hear and expand voices, sharing stories, actions and initiatives. It also proposes a reflection on the responsibility of each one of us in the early diagnosis and control of the disease, in addition to explaining the need to face stigmas and understand that, behind each journey, there is a unique person, with his strengths and weaknesses.


Despite the campaigns and the visibility of the theme, of the 60,000 new annual cases of breast cancer estimated by INCA (National Cancer Institute), half is still detected with more than 5 cm, according to the Brazilian Society of Mastology, which means a late diagnosis.

“Breast cancer needs to be increasingly understood as an issue of interest to the whole of society. This means that each of us needs to do our part and go further, inspiring effective attitudes”, says the Human Resources director at Roche , Denise Horato.


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