MS totals 75,561 confirmed cases and has 1,464 deaths from coronavirus


Mato Grosso do Sul already has 75,561 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 485 new records this Wednesday (14). An additional 15 deaths were recorded, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the new coronavirus, presented daily by the SES (State Department of Health). Good news is that MS has reached a contagion rate of 0.95 – the goal of SES is to maintain a rate below 1 for more than 14 days, which means controlling the disease.

Based on the numbers, the moving average in the state was calculated at 362 cases per day, in the last 7 days. The bulletin shows that in the last 24 hours 15 deaths were recorded, increasing the total of fatal victims in MS to 1,464 and the moving average by 11.3 deaths per day, in the last 7 days, in addition to a lethality rate of 1.9% .

The new deaths were registered in Campo Grande, with four deaths, and Anastácio, Aparecida do Taboado, Camapuã, Corumbá, Ladário, Miranda, Paranaíba, Ponta Porã, Rio Brilhante, Sidrolândia and Ponta Porã, all with one death each.

SES also pointed out that MS already accounts for a total of 295,206 reported cases, of which 215,958 have been discarded. There are 560 tests under analysis at Lacen (Central Public Health Laboratory) and 3,127 cases without closure by the municipalities.

Today’s new cases bring Campo Grande to the forefront, with 164 new cases, followed by Três Lagoas (39), Dourados (28), Corumbá (26), among others. Check the table in the gallery below for more details and other locations.

Hospitalizations and bed occupancy rates

Of the 75,561 confirmed cases in MS, 70,007 are already recovered. Regarding hospitalizations, MS has 381 inpatients, in addition to a patient from another state that is not counted as confirmed from MS. Of these, 182 are in clinical beds (121 public and 61 private) and 200 in ICU beds (Intensive Care Unit), of which 143 are in public beds and 57 in private beds.

The occupancy rate of global public ICU beds in the 4 macro-regions of MS is: 67% in Campo Grande, 67% in Dourados, 40% in Três Lagoas and 78% in Corumbá.


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