Multivaccination campaign extends until October 30


The multivaccination campaign started on the 5th and continues until October 30th. Children need to be immunized

On Friday, October 2, the federal government launched the National Multivaccination Campaign, focusing on updating children’s books. The priority is to prevent polio and measles.
The Ministry of Health campaign started on the 5th and runs until the 30th of October with the aim of immunizing and raising awareness about the importance of the vaccine for protection against various diseases. Measles is a serious infectious disease, caused by a virus, and can be fatal. The only way to prevent measles is through vaccination. The virus settles on the lining of the nose and sinuses to reproduce and then goes into the bloodstream. Measles is so contagious that an infected person can transmit the disease to 90% of those nearby who are not immunized.
Polio is also an acute infectious and contagious disease, caused by a virus that lives in the intestine, called Poliovirus. Although it occurs more frequently in children under 4 years of age, it can also occur in adults. Most infections show few symptoms, but about 1% of those infected can develop the paralytic form of the disease, which can cause permanent sequelae. The disease has no specific treatment and must be avoided through vaccination.

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