Multivaccination campaign runs until the 30th – Perfil News


Vaccination can be performed in all Primary Health Care Units

The multivaccination campaign, which aims to update the vaccinations of children, young people and adults, runs until next Friday, 30, in TrĂªs Lagoas.

Children aged 0 to 5 years old should be vaccinated against polio (infantile paralysis) and measles. Adolescents up to 14 years old and adults, from 20 to 49 years old, should take the opportunity to update their vaccine cards, especially with regard to immunization against measles and viral hepatitis (HV).

Vaccination can be carried out in all Primary Health Care Units.

This Multivaccination Campaign is taking place in all Neighborhood Health Centers, from Monday to Friday, according to the vaccination schedule of each unit, since the 5th of October.

It is important that parents or guardians take their children’s vaccination cards so that the health professional can check which vaccines need to be applied to update the Ministry of Health’s National Immunization Program (PNI).


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