Muricy introduces himself to Coudet, and Argentine interrupts: ‘How can I not know?’ – 10/26/2020


Muricy Ramalho and Eduardo Coudet had a curious moment in “Bem, Amigos!” of today. Internacional’s coach was the guest on the program tonight.

When starting the conversation, Muricy Ramalho decided, in a humble gesture, to introduce himself to the Argentine. Coudet then intervened and returned the kindness to the former coach and current SporTV commentator.

“Coudet, a pleasure to talk to you. Let me introduce myself … I was a football coach a few years ago, I worked at Inter …”, began Muricy.

Eduardo Coudet interrupted: “I know your career, Muricy. It is an eminence, how can you not? You don’t need to introduce yourself.”

The episode between the two brought laughter from presenter Cléber Machado in the studio and brought a smile from Galvão Bueno.

On social media, the scene did not go unnoticed. Internet users praised the attitude of the professionals.

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