Mussum’s son talks about inheritance after positive DNA: ‘If you have, that’s fine’ – 10/25/2020


Igor Mussum, who discovered last year that he is the son of the comedian Mussum, said in an interview with today’s “Spectacular Sunday” that he does not have many looks at his father’s inheritance. Currently, the dentist struggles to recognize his father’s surname in the documents, which would guarantee him part of his legacy.

“My mom always gave me everything and I’m not going to be a hypocrite either, if I had something okay and if I didn’t do well too because it makes no difference,” said the young man.

For him, the confirmation of the DNA test was received with great joy. “When I saw that it was 99.99% it was surreal, the best thing.”

The dentist’s relationship with the other brothers since then has been quite harmonious. “We made an appointment once, the four brothers, to meet. It was very funny for us at the mall to have coffee, it seems that there are four pieces of Mussum”, he said.

The dentist also revealed that he intends to continue with his father’s legacy at Mangueira, a samba school that the comedian always supported. “There is no reason not to continue with this,” he said.


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