“My main symptom is bad to lose” – Observer


Its “main symptom is bad to lose”. Besides that, there is no other. Still, having been with a person infected with Covid-19, Ricardo Araújo Pereira will be tested and is in prophylactic isolation. That is why this Friday the comedian was not in the studio for the “Governo Sombra” program, participating by video call.

[Está] all right. I had direct contact with a person who tested positive ”, he explained in the program.

It was with humor that Ricardo Araújo Pereira said he was isolated, saying that now they can compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo – this one, infected with the new coronavirus. “The same can be said about me: this man is a combatant, this man is going to expel the animal and the animal doesn’t know who he got involved with“, He said, clarifying that“ for now there is no indication ”that is infected.

The only thing that the animal obliges me is that because of this nobody wants to be around me. I’m already used to it ”, he joked, leading Carlos Vaz Marques to reinforce again that the comedian is not infected.

This is not the first time that the comedian has been in isolation. In early April, Ricardo Araújo Pereira and his entire family were quarantined after one of the family members has symptoms of a new coronavirus. At that time, he also participated in the “Shadow Government” by video call because, at the time, the result of the Covid-19 test was not yet known.


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