NASA and Nokia sign partnership to build 4G network on the Moon


NASA announced on Wednesday (14) that the North American subsidiary of Nokia (Nokia of America Corporation) was one of those selected in a partnership program to develop technologies that will pave the way for continued operations of the Artemis program on the Lunar surface until the end of this decade.

The company will receive US $ 14.1 million (about R $ 79.5 million) to implement the first 4G LTE telephone system in the space. The system can “support communication on the lunar surface over long distances, increase speed and offer more reliability” than the standards currently in use. Insert your reference to the ET movie here.

In total, 14 companies were selected, with contracts totaling US $ 370 million (more than R $ 2 billion). Among the initiatives that will be developed are “cryogenic fluid management”, landing systems, fuel cells for energy production and storage and extraction of oxygen from the lunar regolith (rocks), among others.

“This is the largest number of proposals that NASA has selected at one time and by far the highest total contract value,” said Jim Reuter, NASA Associate Administrator for Space Technology. “We are excited to see our investments and collaborative partnerships bringing new technologies to Lua and beyond, while benefiting the commercial sector.”

The Artemis program aims to take astronauts to the Moon again in 2024, and establish a continuous presence on the lunar surface until the end of this decade. Several companies participate in the program, including SpaceX and Blue Origin, which are developing technologies for the landing vehicle, which will take orbit astronauts to the lunar surface.

Source: Nasa

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