NASA hires Nokia to build 4G network on the Moon


Contract is part of the $ 370 million (R $ 2 billion) fund of the Artemis program, which will seek to take humans to the Moon in 2024 and build a “sustainable presence” on the south pole of Earth’s natural satellite edit

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Sputnik – The US space agency NASA announced this week that it had granted the American subsidiary of Nokia, a telecommunications giant in Finland, $ 14.1 million (R $ 79.6 million) to deploy a 4G / LTE network on the Moon.

The idea is that, when completed, the system can “support communications from the lunar surface over greater distances, increased speeds and provide more reliability than current standards […] [Será] the first 4G / LTE communication system in space, “NASA said in a statement.

Although there are no public details about the project schedule, this initiative is part of NASA’s goal of having a lunar base by 2028. In addition to Nokia, the Artemis program has signed a contract with 13 other companies.

Artemis Program

Among the projects awarded by the Artemis program are the management of cryogenic fluids, landing systems and fuel cells for energy production and storage. Much of the $ 370 million (R $ 2 billion) went to companies like SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance.

NASA is also interested in the extraction of natural resources from the Moon. This week, the USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom signed the Artemis Agreement, which aims at the fair and sustainable exploration and extraction of resources from the moon.

“Artemis will be the largest and most diverse international human space exploration program in history, and the Artemis Agreements are the vehicle that will establish this unique global coalition. With the signing of the agreements, we are teaming up with our partners to explore the Moon and establish principles that will create a safe, peaceful and prosperous future in space that all of humanity can enjoy, “said Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator.

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