Nate and Helene continue in Shall we dance


Due to uncertainty about yesterday’s vote in Skal vi danse, TV 2 decided on Sunday that Nate and Helene will get another chance in the competition.

Late last night, TV 2 received many reactions from the audience via social media that there were problems with getting a vote during the decisive dance duel between Nate Kahungu and Michael Andreassen.

– There should never be uncertainty about polls on TV 2. Therefore, we have today decided that Nate and Helene will get another chance next Saturday, says press manager Jan-Petter Dahl in TV 2.

Exploded capacity

The cause of the problem is also clear. The record number of voices that came in during the dance duel caused the capacity of the system to explode.

– This is the first time we experience this around a “Shall we dance” broadcast, and we will now ensure that the capacity around the poll is significantly scaled up before the next broadcast. At the same time, we have now asked Nate if he wants to continue in “Skal vi danse”, and we are very happy that he and his dance partner Helene Spilling are ready next Saturday, says Jan-Petter Dahl in TV 2.

Thus, there will be two couples who break out in the next broadcast of the popular dance program.

Shock exit

That it was precisely Nate and Helene who had to leave the competition on Saturday night surprised many. The pair have been one of the pre-favorites to win, and have also been among those who have received the highest score up to several times during the season.

Nate himself also admitted that he was surprised to break out already now.

– Yes, I was a little surprised. Is it allowed to say? I have received good feedback. But I am not a professional dancer, and if the TV viewers think that I have not deserved it, it is perfectly fine, Nate told

The case is being updated!


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