Nego do Borel accumulates debts, and Duda Reis has paid for the house bills


After the accusation of the actress’s father, the Rio de Janeiro newspaper brought details about the funkeiro’s financial life, which had a worse situation due to the pandemic

The new controversy involving Nego do Borel and the father of his bride, Duda Reis, had another bitter chapter on Thursday (22) on social networks. Unhappy with the bold photos the singer took with Anitta (see post at the end of this text), the doctor Luiz Fernando Barreiros took his daughter’s pain and accused the artist of being supported by her. And, according to the newspaper “Extra”, the accusations have a basis of truth.

According to the Rio de Janeiro newspaper, Nego’s situation is really not good. The funker, who had already come from a previous financial crisis, had his situation aggravated because of the pandemic. The result has been an accumulation of debts such as payment of employees and even the condominium where he lives, in Recreio.

The bride, Duda Reis, is the one who has been holding the ends. According to the Rio newspaper, the actress has paid the bills for electricity, telephone, internet and supermarket. Despite this, last week, Nego used social media to say he had bought a boat, causing his father-in-law to be indignant again. But, in fact the vessel would be a friend of the singer.


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