Nego do Borel appears in ‘hot’ rehearsal with Anitta


Nego do Borel shared photos in which he appears with his friend Anitta on social networks. The singer participated in a “hot” rehearsal with the artist, who posed with a designer look for sequence of records in a bathroom.

“I went to visit my friend and entered her photo album. I love you, sister friend,” he wrote in the caption of the publication. In the photos, Nego do Borel appears only in a towel while Anitta grabs him leaning on a counter.

Followers of the singer criticized the rehearsal. “If his girlfriend took a photo of this with a friend just for fun, would he find it funny?” Asked one. “I would already be freaking out in the place of his girlfriend,” pointed out another.

“The way I am jealous, I wouldn’t let it,” said a third admirer of the artist. “Coitada da Dudinha”, said a fan citing the singer’s girlfriend, Duda Reis.

During the last week, Nego do Borel showed a boat trip he took in the company of Felipe, a young man he met at a lighthouse. The singer showed the interactions between them on Instagram Stories.


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