Neto is hospitalized with Covid-19, but reassures: “Everything is fine with me”


Neto used his Instagram to confirm that he was hospitalized on Wednesday night due to Covid-19. The presenter had a slight complication in his medical condition, but he ensures that everything is under control, reassuring the people who accompany him.

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In a video published in his stories, Neto explained the situation and asked that fake news not be shared.

“I came to take the medicines, I am here at São Luiz hospital, very well treated by everyone. Rest assured, my family, the people who like me. I came to take the injections, the medicines, I came to take care of myself. in about eight, nine days I’ll be at Donos da Bola and Baita Amigos working hard and hard “, he said.

“We are not going to write things that are not right, everything is fine with me,” he concluded.

Neto announced that he tested positive for Covid-19 last Wednesday. The disease cycle is usually 14 days.

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