Network war: fan defends singer but ends up attacked by Carolina Deslandes – Nacional


After so many attacks on social media, Carolina Deslandes it was lost in the number of criticisms it receives and it does not even distinguish those who defend it. The singer replied to a fan in an angry tone without realizing what the follower was saying.
It started with a new photo of Carolina with ex Diogo Clemente. The fan rushed to comment, making a joke of the recent controversies about the singer’s separation. “Oh wait, Clemente has a new girlfriend or Deslandes has a face [um rapaz] new? “, the follower joked.

Carolina Deslandes

But Carolina did not notice the irony and went on the attack: “Twe both have a life. You should try it high scene “. “I don’t think Carolina understood what I meant …”, began to explain the fan. “My comment was a joke about those who spend their life criticizing Carolina, and about the post that Diogo ‘got’ a girlfriend and Carolina came to clarify that she was a longtime friend. If she paid attention she would see that I’ve been following you for a long time and my comments about you are positive, I’m sorry I didn’t see you that way. That said, I wish you luck in life, I will stop following it because I really have a life, and even seeing it is quite good and resolved. All the best to you “.


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