NEW CAIXA housing financing released through app


Caixa made available, in the last week, a new way of contracting housing financing through the “Caixa Housing” application, available for Android and iOS devices.

To apply for financing, a credit simulation needs to be performed. In this step, the entry values, the term, the interest rate, the system of deduction of values ​​and the maximum payment can be adjusted. Then, the user must register and the other participants in the proposal. The entire process is performed virtually.

After sending the requested documents, the user can check the steps of the proposal, checking if there is any pending issue and the result of the credit assessment. The ticket for the payment of the initial property appraisal fee can also be accessed, and the applicant can check the result of the report.

In addition, the release of funds from the FGTS account (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) may be accompanied in case of use as an entry in the financing.

Through the application, the user will be able to check other functions, such as: issuance of payment slip, change of contract data, amortization of financing, inclusion of automatic debit, early settlement, use of FGTS, annual statement of debt settlement, statement of amounts paid and income tax statement.


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