New live-action trailer for Watch Dogs Legion is a lesson on the game, literally


Who wouldn’t want a class on Watch Dogs Legion?

With confirmed launch for October 29, a Ubisoft has just released a fun live-action trailer for Watch Dogs Legion, in which a teacher explains the aspects of the game to his students and how it will be possible to control the 9 million characters present in the London region.

In the trailer, students comment with the teacher (who intended each student to carry out a game mission), what were their impressions and detailed aspects of being able to be any type of person with a certain skill and controlling not only drones, but spider-bots , cars, buses and more.

It is worth noting that at the end of the live-action, the teacher talks about the permadeath, in which your character dies forever. But the fact is that this will be optional and can be changed in the menu.

Dia-Zero, a mysterious entity, accuses the underground underground group DeadSec of bombing the British capital and wreaking havoc there. While fighting to prove their innocence, the group must summon new and old allies and defuse other bombs scattered throughout the city of London.

The game has the technology of Smart Delivery, a feature that allows gamers to use their Xbox One and Xbox Series X games on either of the two consoles when the next generation is released.

Watch Dogs Legion is already in pre-order on the Microsoft Store.


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