New mobile network option in Brazil, Contel Telecom reaches the MVNO market


The Brazilian market has just gained another mobile phone option: Contel Telecom. The new operator, from Rio Grande do Sul, arrives as an alternative to the already traditional companies of the type, such as Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi – the latter, which has not yet sold its mobile division.

Contel Telecom operates under the MVNO modality – or Virtual Mobile Operator -, that is, it does not have its own network infrastructure and, instead, “contracts” the physical services of a larger operator. In the case of the newly created company, the network structure will be provided by TIM. With this, whoever acquires one of his plans will have the coverage of this company and will count on Contel’s own benefits.

The company was born in the Brazilian market with the intention of reaching a large number of subscribers and, for that, promises that it will be able to meet all the demands and requests of its customers in five minutes, thanks to its customer service that will work 24 hours a day. day, every day of the week.

In addition, in order to reach even more customers, Contel will not exclude consumers whose names are negative in the SPC from the prospect list. This slice, which reaches 62 million Brazilians, may then have a mobile phone plan with the new operator, something that is not possible with other companies.

Contel will offer its customers a prepaid mobile phone service with the benefits of postpaid plans, such as unlimited calling, SMS, WhatsApp and internet services. Another advantage is that, if subscribers do not use the entire one-month deductible, data is accumulated for the following month.

Finally, Contel Telecom will also make marketing tools available to companies, if they are interested in hiring their services to create their own brands. With that, soccer teams can create exclusive products for their fans, for example.

For more information about Contel Telecom just access the company’s official website through this link.

It is worth remembering that, in Brazil, there are already several other telephone operators that operate in the MVNO modality, such as Americanet, for example, which – in addition to the mobile network service – also provides fixed fiber optic internet plans with expansion in the state of Sao Paulo.


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