NEW proposal: Driving school will no longer be mandatory for CNH


The frequency in driving schools to obtain the National Driver’s License (CNH) may become optional. The measure appears in the Bill 4474/20, whose text is already under analysis in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The project allows the instruction to future drivers to be done privately, without the need for the candidate to attend a driving school”, explained the author of the project, deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP). The intention, according to him, is to make the process of obtaining the CNH “less bureaucratic and costly”.

According to the text of the proposal, in order to carry out written tests, which cover knowledge of traffic legislation and first aid, transit agencies will have to offer free material on their website, allowing self-instruction.

In the practical driving test, carried out on public roads, instruction may be carried out by an independent instructor, accredited by the traffic agencies.

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For this, the instructor must have qualification in the category intended by the candidate for at least five years. In addition, you will need:

  • have not been penalized, in the last five years, with suspension or revocation of the right to drive, or
  • have proceedings in progress against you for these penalties; and
  • not being convicted or being prosecuted for a traffic crime.

The vehicle used by the instructor must have its own identification of the learning condition, in the form established by the National Traffic Council (Contran).

In addition to this proposal, another project makes training in driving school optional for candidate drivers (PL 3781/19). The proposal is being processed in conjunction with more than 200 other projects that amend the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB).

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