New record – Incredible numbers


Never before have Norwegians pledged as much as during the corona crisis, recent figures show.

From the turn of the year until September this year, just under 930 million bottles and cans were pledged. It shows figures the P4 news has received from Infinitum.

Most of us throw the glass in the wrong place

New record

During the same period last year, more than 812 million bottles and cans were pledged – which means an increase of more than 116 million.

– This is a record, says Kjell Olav Maldum, CEO of Infinitum, which owns and operates the mortgage scheme, to P4.

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Incredible numbers

In the autumn of 2017, mortgage rates increased, and since then, Norwegians have become better at mortgaging.

According to figures from September this year, a record 92 percent will be pledged, an increase of more than two percentage points from January.

Maldum says he did not expect such an increase when the country closed in March, but believes that the change in the everyday lives of people during the corona crisis may have affected the numbers.

– Now people usually sit at home with a smaller group of people, and then you probably go easier from emptying the box to putting it in the bag – compared to a normal situation, where you are a little more on the go, and end up throwing the boxes in the park or at the gas station, he says.


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