New residual batch of refunds will be released next Friday


posted on 10/26/2020 06:00

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The Federal Revenue will deposit, next Friday, in the account of 273,545 taxpayers the amounts related to the residual lot of restitution of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF). In total, R $ 560 million will be returned. To find out if it is on the list, taxpayers should consult the Revenue website ( / federal revenue). The consultation was opened on Friday.

The residual lot includes refunds that were not released in the normal schedule, as they correspond to statements that were retained in the fine mesh of the Revenue for further checking. If the Treasury does not detect any problem, refunds are released.

This year, the tax authorities anticipated the normal refund schedule, which started in May and lasted until September. The number of refund lots has also been reduced from seven to five. This means that people who were entitled and did not fall into the fine mesh received the money more quickly. Previously, refund payments went from June to December.

Of the total of 560 million, R $ 211.8 million refer to taxpayers with legal priority, that is: elderly over 80 years old, who total 5,110 taxpayers; people between 60 and 79 years old, totaling 38,301; taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness, totaling 4,636; and taxpayers whose main source of income is the teaching profession, totaling 21,244. In addition, 204,254 non-priority contributors were included who submitted the declaration until the last day 5.

How to make?
The list of taxpayers who had their refund released on this lot is on the e-CAC Portal, which can be accessed through the IRS website. In the menu “Income Tax” it is possible to check if there are data inconsistencies identified by the processing. If this has occurred, the taxpayer can assess the inconsistencies and regularize the information by submitting a rectifying statement.

The IRS also provides applications for smartphones and tablets, in which it is possible to consult directly on the bases of the IRS the information on the release of the IRPF refund and also the registration status of an enrollment in the CPF.

In cases where the refund has been released, but the amount has not been credited, the taxpayer must personally contact any Banco do Brasil branch or call the Call Center. The telephone number is 4004-0001 for residents in the capitals, or 0800-729-0001 for residents of other locations. The special telephone exclusive for the hearing impaired is 0800-729-0088.

Through the telephone, it is possible to schedule the credit in a checking or savings account in the name of the taxpayer, in any bank. The Banco do Brasil portal also makes an appointment through the website:

The refund is available for one year. If the taxpayer does not make the redemption within this period, he must request, through the e-CAC Portal, in the “Income Tax” menu, the option “Request Refund not Redeemed in the Banking Network”.

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