New restrictions after record high infection rates in Denmark


On Friday evening, the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Fredriksen will hold a press conference with new coronary restrictions that will apply from Monday.

– The situation is worrying and serious. The corona is not over, on the contrary, it is back in full force, Mette Frederiksen said during the press conference.

In the last 24 hours, 859 new cases of infection have been confirmed in Denmark, the highest number registered in the country in one day.

Among other things, the Danish authorities are introducing new requirements for the use of face masks.

– There is now a requirement for the use of face masks indoors in all public places, says Mette Fredriksen.

STRICTER MEASURES: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen at an earlier press conference on the corona situation. Photo: Philip Davali / NTB

New coronary restrictions in Denmark:

  • Mouthpieces are required in public places, including indoors. This does not apply when sitting down.
  • The assembly ban is changed from 50 to 10 people.
  • Border control is tightened
  • Prohibition on the sale of alcohol after 10 pm This could also affect alcohol sales in grocery stores.

The measures last until 2 January.

Among other things, this applies to supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas, hospitals and cultural institutions.

Changes assembly ban

From Monday, the rule for the number of people who can gather will also be reduced from 50 to 10.

– We know very well that an assembly ban of ten people is very intrusive, the Prime Minister acknowledged.

She encourages everyone to drastically reduce the number of people they meet physically in the near future.

“Beyond the family, we want a maximum of up to ten people to be seen,” says the Prime Minister.

Valid until the end of the year

Several of the restrictions that are introduced or have already been introduced apply throughout the year.

Among other things, border controls will be tightened until 2 January.

In addition, the sale of alcohol after 10 pm is prohibited. This can also affect alcohol sales in grocery stores.

The Prime Minister asks the Danes to help, so that they as a united society get through the corona crisis.

– If you look, there is light in the dark, says Mette Frederiksen about the tightened coronary restrictions.


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