New Wonder Woman is indigenous Brazilian living in the Amazon – Prisma


Another one of those super comics from DC Comics is coming and this one comes to give a general change in the universe of superheroes that we know. And, probably, the novelty that draws the most attention at this moment is that the new Wonder Woman will be a Brazilian indigenous woman who is originally from the Amazon. Her name is Yara Flor.

Her look is very interesting. There is this uniform that uses some details of the original Wonder Woman dress and, fortunately, does not use the colors green and yellow. After all, it would be one of those boring clichés.

There are no more details besides these, for now. Yara will appear in the DC Future State saga, which will begin in January 2021 and will have several editions over the months. This story involves the multiverse of DC Comics, which are the various parallel realities that exist and have their own versions of traditional heroes. Then, another Superman, Batman, Green Lantern will appear and that’s where the new Wonder Woman comes in.

Just to remember, Yara is not the first Brazilian character in DC Comics or in American comics. The publisher has, for example, the heroine Flama, who is also our countryman here. It is not very prominent, it is true, but it is there. Marvel, in turn, has the Brazilian Mancha Solar, a mutant that is part of the team New Mutants. And there are others out there.


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