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New York, Madrid and Paris consider returning to quarantine after new outbreaks

After further outbreaks of Covid-19,
which represented an increase in the number of cases, Nova York,
the United States of Mothers,
in Spain, and Paris,
in France, they are evaluating the possibility of going back and imposing – again – quarantine, in order to avoid a second wave of contamination by the disease.

Nova York

This Sunday, the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio,
announced that the city is ready to re-close non-essential schools and businesses in nine neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, where Covid-19 cases have seen a sharp increase in the past two weeks.

The mayor said he hoped to impose the strictest restrictions as of Wednesday (7). The measure still needs the approval of the state governor, Andrew Cuomo.

To date, almost 24,000 people have died in the city from Covid-19. If the measure is approved, it will be the first time that the city is obliged to reverse the flexibility of the containment.


The government of Spain
he also had to go back and impose more restrictions on the movement of people in the country’s capital, Madrid, after new peaks of contamination emerged.

About 4.8 million residents in the region had reduced mobility as of last Friday night (2). With the new measures, which will last 14 days initially, the Spanish capital was the first in Europe
to go through a partial quarantine again because of the increase in cases from Covid-19.

and bars in Madrid and nine cities in the Community of Madrid have had to reduce opening hours, in addition to halving the number of customers. Non-essential services also suffered from the reductions.


Another country that evaluates a new quarantine is the France,
that plans to impose stricter restrictions in the country’s capital, Paris, after new waves of reinfection of Covid-19.

Officials are considering taking tougher measures in six cities, including Paris, starting next week, to reinforce the fight against a new covid-19 outbreak.

Health Minister Olivier Verán said at a news conference last Thursday (1) that, among the possibilities, are the closing of bars and the imposition of others. restrictions.

The decision to return to confinement in the city is expected to be taken this Sunday. In recent weeks, the number of cases and hospitalizations has grown, a rise that worries local authorities.


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