New York party ends with 37 infected with Covid-19 and 270 quarantined


It was a big party to celebrate the 16 years of a young woman from an upscale neighborhood of Long Island, in New York, but everything ended badly, with 37 people infected by Covid-19, at a time when the outbreaks of the virus in the state are increasing. and officials fear a second wave.

The “Sweet 16” party – similar to a fifteen-year-old party in the United States – was held on September 25 at the Miller Place Inn venue on Long Island, which was fined $ 12,000 for allowing 81 people in, more than the maximum of 50 authorized.

“We’ve never had such an outrageous event [do vírus] like this one in Suffolk County, “tweeted Steve Bellone, the area’s top official.” People must act responsibly or the economy will suffer. “

Of the 81 guests, 29 tested positive for Covid-19. Another eight people close to the guests were also infected, county officials said in a statement.

The local government identified 334 contacts and placed 270 people in quarantine. Eight schools reported positive cases linked to the party. “They had a ‘Sweet 16’ party. How sweet. Well, it wasn’t that sweet. Dozens of people at the party got sick. It shows how a single event can generate so many cases,” said New York governor Andrew Cuomo to journalists.

New York was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring (March to June), with 33,000 deaths. The state was able to control the virus, but in recent days the rate of positive tests has increased in many neighborhoods in New York City and other nearby counties, especially in neighborhoods with a strong Orthodox Jewish population.

To avoid a second wave, Cuomo ordered the closing of non-essential businesses in these neighborhoods and limited the capacity in churches and synagogues to 10 people.

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