Next Windows 10 update improves drivers, but brings problems


The next major Windows 10 update is about to arrive. Promised for October, it will bring many important news to this Microsoft system. Many are dedicated to the interface and what the user sees on a daily basis.

Of course, Microsoft has a lot more hidden and now a novelty has emerged. This update will bring changes to the drivers and their installation. This can be positive, but it can also bring many problems.

Update changes the drivers to be installed

Drivers have always been a source of problems in Windows 10. With each new version it is normal for questions and limitations to arise because they have not been updated or are not prepared for the new versions. There are also security issues that can be explored.

To limit this last problem, Microsoft will now have a new feature in the new update. It will be already in October that Windows 10 will start to check more effectively and strictly the drivers created for the different equipment and their signatures.

Windows 10 via stay even more secure

This measure aims to limit the use of this element to create attacks on Windows 10. It is often by drivers that attackers are able to cause problems to operating systems, and especially to Microsoft's system.

Windows 10 drivers update Microsoft problems

Whenever an abnormal situation is detected, in which these cannot be verified, an error will appear. These messages will be clear to users and the driver will not be installed to protect Windows and user data.

Microsoft may have a source of problems here

It is precisely here that problems for users may eventually arise. This change will force manufacturers to change the way they create drivers and older versions of these will not be supported because they are not signed.

This change will certainly be important and essential to ensure the security of Windows 10. At the same time, you must have the support and attention of the manufacturers so that it is not a new source of problems, which are expendable.


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