Nicki Minaj shares son’s first photo: ‘My love’ – 10/21/2020


Nicki Minaj is celebrating every day of his first son’s life. The singer, who gave birth to her son at the end of September, decided to publish today a photo of the child’s foot on social media. This is the first image of the baby that the artist shared with fans.

“Happy birthday, my love,” he wrote in a caption.

Fans and friends soon melted for the singer’s son. “There is nothing like that. I am very happy for you,” wrote one. “What a lovely little foot,” commented another. “Blessed One!” Added a third.

Last Thursday (15) Nicki Minaj spoke for the first time about the sex of the baby, when thanking Beyoncé for a gift.

“Thank you, Queen B, Kim & Ye, Riccardo Tisci, Karol and everyone who sent me good vibes this time. It meant everything to me. I feel grateful and in love with my son. Crazy in love. He is my favorite boy in the whole world “, he wrote at the time.


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