Nightmare night: – Incredibly stupid


Strømsgodset – Start 1-1 (0-1)

Start was looking to continue the good trend, after the big win in the previous series round against Haugesund.

It looked bright for a long time before they were yellow-clad, but Godset fought back with ten men and secured a draw.

TARGET PARTY: Stabæk wins deservedly 4-0 over Aalesund. See the goals here! Video: Football Media
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Clumsy punishment

It was goalless until the southerners suddenly got a penalty kick after a corner six minutes before the break. The replay showed that Ipalibo Jack held around the neck of Vegard Bergan in the box.

Jesper Mathisen in TV 2 studio did not understand what Jack was thinking in that situation.

– Vegard Bergan is almost suffocated in that duel. It is so unbelievably stupid to act like this right in front of a referee, in your own field, on a corner kick, Mathisen said.

«What is Ipalibo doing? Brilliantly convicted and clear punishment! », Ole Martin Årst writes on Twitter.

Jack first thought it was not a penalty kick.

– I do not think it is a penalty kick. I did not touch him, I did not touch him, Jack told Eurosport during the break.

Then he got to see the situation in slow motion in replay.

– It looks a little different now, Jack said, and answered “yes” that it was a penalty kick.

Christian Bolaños was safe from the chalk mark, and knocked in the lead goal down at the post root.

SAFE: Starts Christian Bolaños sends in 1-0. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB
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Red card

And the downturn for Jack did not stop there, for a quarter of an hour before the end he got his second yellow card in the match – and an early shower. It happened after a tackle outside a dangerous area.

– It should not be law. It’s inexperienced. You should not take such a chance, it is a crystal clear yellow card, Erik Huseklepp thought in TV 2 studio.

– I do not understand why you should go in that way. I get so tired of seeing such tackles, it is completely unnecessary, he continues.

1-1: Strømsgodset’s Moses Mawa and Kristoffer Tokstad cheer for scoring. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB
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Strømsgodset still hit back in the 78th minute. Moses Mawa hammered the ball into the net after a cheeky heel kick from Johan Hove in front.


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