Nobel Prize in Chemistry Creates Test to Detect Covid-19 in Five Minutes – Society


Nobel Prize winner in chemistry Jennifer Doudna developed a test to detect the Covid-19 virus in just five minutes. The test is based on the CRISPR genetics, an invention that led Doudna to the Nobel podium. The research was carried out in partnership with the University of California, in the United States of America.

The test is in an experimental phase and awaiting approval by the scientific community. However, it has already captured the attention of many because of its characteristics: the new test is small, portable and can be used by anyone, dispensing with medical personnel. A cell phone camera is enough to know if it is positive or negative for Covid-19. In addition to all the news, the test also identifies the stage of the infection you are in, whether it is contagious or not.

Five samples obtained from patients were tested in which a correct analysis was verified in less than five minutes. The researchers explain that the test detects infection in samples where there is a concentration of 100 viruses per microliter. And although the current coronavirus test detects in smaller quantities “a limit of 100 copies per microliter will be sufficient for screening. In clinical studies when the viral load drops below 1,000 copies per microliter the risk of transmitting the virus is low” .

According to the Spanish press, this test may be an alternative to the current one used to identify the Covid-19 virus, in which the result can take up to 48 hours, and even blood tests.


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