Nokia may provide 4G networks on the Moon


NASA hopes to re-create a travel mission to the moon in mid-2024, and as a way to keep astronauts in safe and efficient communication, the entity appears to be counting on Nokia to integrate its communication technologies.

Earlier this week, NASA revealed that it would set up a $ 14.1 million investment fund with Nokia for the communications company to start developing technology to integrate 4G LTE communication over the lunar surface.

According to the NASA statement, the integration of 4G technologies on the lunar surface could allow astronauts to maintain direct communication between the control modules on the surface and astronauts exploring the Earth’s natural satellite.

Note that this is not the first time that Nokia has worked to bring LTE to the Moon. In mid-2018 the company had partnered with German company PTScientists and Vodafone in the UK to develop Apolo’s communication technology. 17, which would allow the development of an LTE base on the moon to transmit high quality video between it and the inhabitants on Earth, but the mission was never developed.


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