North Korea rages after revelation | ABC News


The documentary shows how Danish Ulrich Larsen infiltrates North Korea over eleven years. Together with a Danish man, who pretends to be a billionaire, the two are offered a number of illegal trades. The Danes are involved in secret arms trafficking and drug dealing.

The documentary also includes plans to build an underground weapons factory in Uganda with help from North Korea.

Larsen, who is a disability-insured chef, had infiltrated a Danish-North Korean friends’ association and rose through the ranks to become an arms dealer.

“It’s nonsense”

In a letter to the Danish Ekstra Bladet, North Korea, through their embassy in Stockholm, rejects everything that appears in the documentary. The letter is written by Hal Chol Ri, who is an adviser to North Korea’s ambassador to the Nordic region, Ri Won Guk.

«From start to finish, the film is fabricated to put North Korea in a bad light. In addition, the documentary is contrary to the truth, and it is nonsense to describe that the adviser to our embassy was involved in a so-called arms trade “, it is stated in the letter sent to the Danish newspaper.

The letter thus describes an incident from the documentary, where Larsen is presented with documents and evidence of arms trafficking by Ri Won Guk.

“We are very upset about this maneuver, which will make it look as if our embassy is associated with illegal activity,” the letter reads.

Enormous amount of material

“The Mole” is made by Danish Mads Brügger and is available in NRK’s ​​online player.

Brügger believes that they are sitting on an “enormous amount of material”.

If the film can in any way help to slow down North Korea’s perseverance by breaking sanctions and spreading its weapons around the world, I’ll be very happy, he told the news agency Reuters.


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