Northeast may have second wave of Covid-19 in the coming months, warns committee


The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which already worries Europe and the United States, could reach the Northeast in the coming months. This is what alerts the Scientific Committee of the Northeast Consortium. The organization reinforces that the risk is caused by the relaxation in care, electoral campaigns and the arrival of European tourists for the summer on the northeastern beaches.

“There is a real risk that in the coming months we will have a flow of carriers of Sars-CoV-2, even strains different from those that prevail here,” warns Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist and one of the committee’s coordinators. To curb the possibility, the committee warns that health booths with health teams equipped with information leaflets, temperature gauging equipment and rapid test kits for passengers coming from abroad will be installed at all airports in the region.

The committee points out that tourists coming from regions with an increase in cases of Covid-19 and who do not present certificates that prove the absence of infection must be placed in quarantine for 14 days. “We have already gone through this situation of seeing events first in Europe and then reproducing here. We have an opportunity, this time, to not let that happen again ”, reinforces Nicolelis.

Peak of the pandemic
Bulletin 12 of the Scientific Committee shows that the Covid-19 pandemic has already reached its peak in all states in the Northeast region. The entity used mathematical forecasting models to reach its conclusion.

“This meant that, in several places, social isolation measures were reduced beyond what was necessary, resulting in a high probability of a possible second wave,” says the former Minister of Science and Technology and also coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Northeast.

The coordinator also stresses the “urgency of adopting the measures suggested by the Committee because a new wave of Covid-19, obviously, could bring serious economic, health and social consequences, further complicating the delicate scenario that we have been facing this year”.

Scenes of crowds at rallies and election campaign acts are also of concern to the committee. In general, the campaigns create events “where people disregard all the health standards indicated by the World Health Organization”, says the bulletin.

Invariably, in agglomerations the risk of this type of contamination increases considerably, generating the expectation that, in the post-election period, a second wave of the epidemic may occur. Unfortunately, most candidates place their election as a priority, disregarding the lives of their voters and their own ”, criticize the scientists.

People often remove their masks in agglomerations, which increases the risk. “A study published in the journal Science indicated that the virus can remain in the air for a few hours, that is, removing the mask in clusters is a great risk,” warn the scientists.

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